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The Longevity Paradox

- How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age
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 Format: Audiobook, Hardcover, Kindle, Paperback  Author: Dr. Steven Gundry  Category: Anti-aging, Diet, Disease Prevention, Healing  Publisher: Harper Large Print; Large type  Published: March 26, 2019  ISBN: 006288817X  ISBN: 978-0062888174  Pages: 528  Dimension: 6 x 1.19 x 9 inches  Item Weight: 1.26 pounds  Edition: Large print edition (March 26, 2019)  Audible  Amazon  Kindle  Apple Books  Barnes & Noble  Walmart  Biblio  Thriftbooks

In “The Longevity Paradox,” Dr. Steven Gundry introduces a groundbreaking approach to aging well, challenging the conventional notion that the decline associated with aging is inevitable. Drawing on his extensive experience treating mature patients, Dr. Gundry reveals that the so-called “diseases of aging” are not solely determined by chronological age, but rather by our lifestyle choices and their impact on the health of our microbiome—the diverse community of microorganisms residing within our bodies, particularly in our gut.

Dr. Gundry asserts that nurturing the health of our microbiome holds the key to aging gracefully and maintaining vitality as we grow older. From common ailments like arthritis to more serious conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, the state of our gut bugs significantly influences our overall health and quality of life as we age.

“The Longevity Paradox” offers a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle plan designed to support gut health and promote longevity. Through simple yet effective strategies, Dr. Gundry empowers readers to take control of their health and well-being, providing actionable steps to prevent and even reverse age-related diseases. With insights drawn from the latest scientific research, this book provides a roadmap for anyone seeking to optimize their health and enjoy a vibrant, fulfilling life well into their later years.

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The Longevity Paradox
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Dr. Steven Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry is a cardiologist, heart surgeon, medical researcher, and author. His mission is to improve health, happiness, and longevity through a unique vision of human nutrition. During his 40-year career in medicine, he performed countless pediatric heart transplants,...

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