The selection of books was amazing!

The selection of books was amazing! I love that I could find some of the more obscure ones that I remember being mentioned on my favorite health podcasts. Will be searching here again, I look forward to reading these with my husband!!

Searching For Health Breanda Wilson
Brenda Wilson

Very Happy

Very happy that I was able to find the book I was looking for and it was MUCH cheaper than when I found it in the bookstore. I ended up buying my book using your discount link. So glad I found you guys!

Searching For Health Christine Davis
Christine Davis

Website was easy to search

The website was easy to search and navigate. Love how there are multiple purchase options and I can still use my Amazon account for zero shipping costs via Amazon Prime.

Searching For Health Carl Dean
Carl Dean

Free Download? Yes, Please!

What more could you ask for? A free eBook download when you sign-up for your mailing list. This is great!

Searching For Health Abraham Zhamir
Abraham Zhamir

Health Library Connection is my go-to place

So some of these books are a bit more advanced than I am ready for but if you are looking for a title to help solve some chronic health issues then you have landed at the right place. Thanks a million!

Searching For Health Richard Phillips
Richard G. Phillips

I enjoy the diversified selection

I enjoy the diversified selection of health topics. I have always wanted to read what I have suspected all along! It’s nice and informative and an easy way to find what you are looking for.

Searching For Health Maya Zang
Alice Lee
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