Dr. Joel D. Wallach

Dr. Joel D. Wallach, a veterinarian, naturopathic physician, author, and lecturer, is a key figure in the liquid vitamin-mineral supplement market. Born in 1940 in West St. Louis County, Wallach initially aspired to be a veterinarian and nutritionist, earning a B.S. Degree in Agriculture from the University of Missouri. His career took a turn when, during the 1960s, he investigated environmental factors affecting captive animals' premature deaths. Notably, his findings on nutritional imbalances as a potential cause of cystic fibrosis in humans led to controversy and his eventual dismissal from Yerkes Primate Research Center.

Following a career shift, Wallach joined the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1980, earning an N.D. degree in 1982. Specializing in nutritional treatment for cystic fibrosis patients, he later conducted research in China and worked as a naturopathic physician in Mexico. Throughout his career, Wallach authored numerous publications, reviews, and books, showcasing his professional versatility and expertise in veterinary pathology and naturopathic medicine. His extensive work included conducting a significant number of autopsies on various animal species, providing valuable insights into nutritional diseases in captive exotic animals.

Dr. Joel D. Wallach's contributions span veterinary medicine, naturopathy, and nutritional research, reflecting his commitment to understanding and addressing health challenges through holistic approaches and nutritional interventions.

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