Our Purpose

We believe access to information empowers readers, offering them choices for care and treatment, education is a critical asset to improving one’s health – and a guide to speaking with their health professional as they select the best course of action. Yes, we help thousands of humans every year find a path towards greater health, but our mission goes beyond just books. We have spent hours upon hours searching and make sure these books are both accessible to readers for the chance to reshape their outlook on health, create an action plan towards true health, and pass along a bit of wisdom.

Our Values

Start By Asking Why

Like the thrill of finally finding the answer to life’s most important questions, we seek to first ask WHY are unhealthy people content with being unhealthy? We seek to find others who have gone ahead of us on the road towards good health. Our work does not come without some risk, so we try new concepts. Through asking thought-provoking questions we discover new health approaches by learning from proven methods that don’t create harm to our bodies – Bravo!

Common Goals

From our community of Authors to our Research Teams to our Publishers, we are all connected. It is through creating a common goal and aligning our behaviors to these goals that we achieve the greatest success for our health. We encourage feedback—from our readers, from our business partners, and from each other. To feel our best, we must share in the journey, offering assistance, giving respect, and truly caring for each other.

Create Value

Our readers enjoy our website because we seek to create value and choices. We are adopting a philosophy that starts with keeping things simple which allows us to improve efficiency and the overall customer experience. We are leveraging data to improve our content yielding better results for our customers.

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