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The Art of Mindful Living

- How to Bring Love, Compassion, and Inner Peace into Your Daily Life
 Format: Audio CD, Audiobook  Author: Thich Nhat Hanh  Category: Body, Mind & Spirit, Lifestyle, Spiritual  Published: December 17, 1999  ASIN: B000054982  Country: United States  Language: English  Amazon  Apple Books  Barnes & Noble  Walmart  Biblio  Thriftbooks

Meditation, as taught by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, acts as a beacon, illuminating the shadows within our lives. Rather than suppressing negative emotions, Hanh advocates for mindfulness, allowing patience and appreciation to flourish. In “The Art of Mindful Living,” recorded during a family retreat, Hanh shares traditional teachings that blend ancient meditation practices with contemporary challenges. The book provides practical guidance on meditation, breathing exercises, contemplation, and communication, fostering tranquility and love in our hearts and minds.

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