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The Great Cholesterol Deception

- The lies and deception of the pharmaceutical industry may be killing you
 Format: Kindle  Author: Dr. Peter Dingle  Category: Diet, Disease Prevention  Published: July 17, 2014  ASIN: B00LX8KUYE  Pages: 110  Country: United States  Language: English  File Size: 1302 KB  Kindle

The truth about cardiovascular disease (CVD) is indeed shocking. In the United States, Australia, and other Western nations, CVD is responsible for a staggering 30% to 40% of all registered deaths annually, making it the leading cause of mortality. However, despite its prevalence and deadly consequences, the approach to combating CVD has been marred by misconceptions and misdirection.

In recent years, cholesterol-lowering drugs have taken center stage in the fight against CVD, with cholesterol being labeled as “public enemy number one.” There is a widespread belief that reducing cholesterol levels, particularly through medication, is the key to better cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, this singular focus on cholesterol has led to a plethora of misinformation and misguided treatment strategies.

The reality is that while cholesterol plays a role in CVD, it is not the sole culprit nor the primary cause of the disease. By fixating solely on lowering cholesterol levels, the medical community has overlooked other crucial factors contributing to CVD, such as inflammation, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, and lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and stress management.

As a result, despite the widespread use of cholesterol-lowering medications, deaths from CVD continue to rise unabated. It is imperative that we shift our focus from simply lowering cholesterol to addressing the root causes of cardiovascular disease comprehensively. Only by adopting a holistic approach that considers all contributing factors can we effectively combat this pervasive and deadly illness.

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