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Curing The Incurable

- Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins
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 Format: Kindle, Paperback  Author: Dr. Thomas E. Levy  Category: Disease Prevention, Supplements  Publisher: Medfox Publishing  Published: August 1, 2011  ISBN: 0977952029  ISBN: 978-0977952021  Country: United States  Language: English  Dimension: 5.5 x 0.94 x 8.5 inches  Item Weight: 1.17 pounds  Edition: 3rd edition (August 1, 2011)  Amazon  Kindle  Apple Books  Barnes & Noble  Walmart  Thriftbooks  eBay

In his groundbreaking book “Curing the Incurable,” cardiologist Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD shares his remarkable journey into the world of vitamin C therapy and its profound impact on health and healing.

Dr. Levy’s exploration began when he was asked to assist dental patients suffering from serious medical conditions. Witnessing the transformative effects of vitamin C therapy administered prior to dental procedures, Dr. Levy delved into the extensive medical literature on the subject. He discovered thousands of studies and articles detailing the miraculous benefits of vitamin C in treating a wide range of diseases and medical conditions.

Motivated to share this vital information with his medical colleagues, Dr. Levy dedicated four years to researching and writing “Curing the Incurable.” With over 1,200 scientific references, this meticulously documented book presents the essential truths about vitamin C therapy and its unparalleled potential for preventing, curing, reversing, and improving a vast array of health conditions.

In “Curing the Incurable,” you’ll learn how vitamin C can:

– Cut mortality risk by as much as 50% across all causes.
– Boost immune system function and energy levels to optimal levels.
– Optimize blood and intracellular levels of vitamin C for maximum efficacy.
– Increase bioavailability by up to 800% without increasing dosage.
– Prevent gastric discomfort, diarrhea, and excessive urination associated with high doses of vitamin C.

With practical insights and evidence-based recommendations, Dr. Levy equips readers with the knowledge they need to harness the healing power of vitamin C and optimize their health and well-being. “Curing the Incurable” offers a transformative approach to health that can revolutionize your understanding of disease prevention and treatment.

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Curing The Incurable
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