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Counsels on Diet and Foods

- Biblical Principles on health, Counsels on Health, Medical Ministry, Bible Hygiene, a call to medical evangelism, ... (Christian Health Library)
 Format: Paperback  Author: Ellen G. White  Category: Diet, Spiritual  Publisher: LS Company  Published: January 1, 1970  ISBN: 1087898447  ISBN: 978-1087898445  Pages: 406  Country: United States  Language: English  Dimension: 8.27 x 0.83 x 11.69 inches  Item Weight: 2.13 pounds  Edition: Large print edition (August 2, 2021)  Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Walmart  Thriftbooks  eBay

Introducing the BIG Print (A4) Original Text Edition of “Counsels on Diet and Foods” by Ellen G. White – a comprehensive compilation of Mrs. White’s teachings on the subject, meticulously assembled to provide a complete range of instruction.

Unlike other works by Ellen G. White, this compilation presents counsels organized topically under general headings, allowing readers to explore specific aspects of diet and health without the need for continuity in reading. True diet reform, as advocated by Mrs. White, is grounded in common sense and promises tangible benefits such as good health, strength, fresh breath, and a sense of well-being. Moreover, adherence to healthy dietary practices can also enhance one’s spiritual life.

Through scientific advancements, many principles and insights revealed by Ellen White’s inspired pen to Seventh-day Adventists have been substantiated, further validating the wisdom of her teachings. This edition of “Counsels on Diet and Foods” serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to improve their health and well-being through informed dietary choices based on timeless principles.

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Counsels on Diet and Foods
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