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Caffeine Blues

- Wake Up to the Hidden Dangers of America's #1 Drug
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 Format: Kindle, Paperback  Author: Stephen Cherniske  Category: Diet, Disease Prevention  Publisher: Warner Books  Published: December 1, 1998  ISBN: 0446673919  ISBN: 978-0446673914  Pages: 451  Country: United States  Language: English  Dimension: 5.25 x 1.16 x 8 inches  Item Weight: 13.8 ounces  Edition: 9th Printing edition (December 1, 1998)  Amazon  Kindle  Apple Books  Barnes & Noble  Walmart  Thriftbooks  eBay

Prepare to liberate yourself from the grip of caffeine addiction with the guidance of one of the foremost experts in nutritional biochemistry and medical writing.

In this eye-opening book, acclaimed author unveils the startling truth about caffeine and its pervasive presence in modern society. With nearly 80% of Americans dependent on this ubiquitous stimulant, it’s crucial to understand its profound effects on brain function, hormone balance, and sleep patterns. Moreover, the detrimental impact of caffeine extends to increasing the risk of various health conditions, including osteoporosis, diabetes, ulcers, PMS, stroke, heart disease, and certain cancers.

Armed with scientifically validated insights, readers will embark on a transformative journey to break free from caffeine’s clutches through a step-by-step, clinically-proven program. Discover effective strategies to gradually reduce caffeine intake while simultaneously embracing nutrient-rich alternatives, healthier beverage choices, improved sleep hygiene, and energy-boosting habits.

Empower yourself to reclaim control over your energy levels and overall well-being by liberating yourself from the cycle of caffeine dependency. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll embark on a path toward renewed vitality and optimal health.

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Caffeine Blues
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