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Aviva Romm

Dr. Aviva Romm

Aviva Romm, MD, a distinguished member of the Food As Medicine faculty, boasts a multifaceted career spanning nearly three decades. A mother of four grown children, she holds a medical degree from Yale University and specializes in integrative medicine for women and children. Alongside her medical practice, Aviva is a seasoned midwife, herbalist, and accomplished author, having received accolades for her contributions to natural medicine.

Regarded as "the face of natural medicine in the 21st century" by Prevention Magazine, Aviva has tirelessly championed healthcare advocacy, particularly concerning the well-being of women and children. She approaches her work with a fervent commitment to fostering a healthier world, coupling her medical expertise with a profound social and environmental conscience.

Aviva's influence extends beyond clinical practice; she has held esteemed positions such as past president of the American Herbalists Guild and has contributed significantly to the advancement of integrative medicine through her involvement in founding the Yale Integrative Medicine program. With seven published books, including renowned titles like Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health and The Natural Pregnancy Book, Aviva's impact on natural medicine education is globally recognized.

Recognizing the limitations of the current medical paradigm, Aviva advocates for a shift towards holistic healthcare that prioritizes individualized care and emphasizes health promotion over disease management. She believes that many chronic illnesses plaguing society today are preventable and reversible through lifestyle modifications, stress reduction, and minimizing harmful environmental exposures.

Through her practice of "good medicine" and commitment to transformational healing, Aviva Romm stands at the forefront of the healthcare revolution, challenging the over-medicalization of life and advocating for a more compassionate and comprehensive approach to wellness.


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