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The Eye Care Revolution

- Prevent And Reverse Common Vision Problems
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 Format: Kindle, Paperback  Author: Dr. Robert Abel Jr.  Category: Disease Prevention, Eyesight, Healing  Publisher: Kensington  Published: April 29, 2014  ISBN: 0758293712  ISBN: 978-0758293718  Pages: 512  Country: United States  Language: English  Dimension: 6 x 1.23 x 9 inches  Item Weight: 1.22 pounds  Edition: 3rd Revised, Updated ed. edition (April 29, 2014)  Amazon  Kindle  Apple Books  Barnes & Noble  Walmart  Biblio  Thriftbooks

In this groundbreaking guide, ophthalmologist Dr. Robert Abel presents a comprehensive approach to eye care that incorporates both conventional and alternative therapies. Newly revised and updated, the book explores how various factors, from sleep apnea to prescription drugs, can impact eye health and vision. Dr. Abel sheds light on cutting-edge developments, including retina chips and stem cell therapy, while also delving into time-tested herbal, homeopathic, and Asian remedies.

Readers will discover a wealth of valuable insights, from antioxidant-rich foods to herbal treatments for conditions like glaucoma. Dr. Abel also explores innovative devices that aid the blind and offers practical advice on administering eye drops and reducing eyestrain. With a focus on prevention and holistic healing, the book empowers readers to take proactive steps toward maintaining optimal eye health.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on protecting your children’s vision or exploring options for treating common eye disorders, Dr. Abel’s expertise and accessible writing style make this book an invaluable resource. By embracing a multidimensional approach to eye care, readers can become active participants in preserving their vision and overall well-being.

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