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The Physiology of Digestion

- With Experiments on the Gastric Juice
 Format: Paperback  Author: Dr. William Beaumont  Category: Anatomy, Diet  Publisher: Legare Street Press  Published: October 27, 2022  ISBN: 1017403848  ISBN: 978-1017403848  Pages: 310  Country: United States  Language: English  Dimension: 6.14 x 0.65 x 9.21 inches  Edition: 2.31 pounds  Amazon  Walmart  Biblio  Thriftbooks

“The Physiology of Digestion” by Dr. William Beaumont is a pioneering work in the field of human physiology, specifically focusing on the processes and mechanisms involved in digestion. Dr. Beaumont, an American surgeon, conducted groundbreaking experiments on digestion during the early 19th century, particularly through his famous studies on Alexis St. Martin, a Canadian fur trader who had sustained a gunshot wound to his abdomen, leaving a permanent hole in his stomach.

Through extensive observations and experiments conducted over several years, Dr. Beaumont meticulously documented the digestive processes occurring within St. Martin’s stomach, providing valuable insights into gastric physiology. His research shed light on various aspects of digestion, including the role of gastric juices, the process of nutrient absorption, and the effects of different foods on digestion.

“The Physiology of Digestion” remains a seminal work in the field of physiology, serving as a foundational text for understanding the complex mechanisms underlying the digestive system. Dr. Beaumont’s contributions continue to be studied and appreciated by researchers and scholars interested in human physiology and gastrointestinal health.

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The Physiology of Digestion
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