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Maureen Porter

Dr. Maureen Porter PhD

Using a compassionate and direct approach, I help couples and individuals work through problems and reach their goals in a safe environment.

I specialize in relationship issues of all kinds, including premarital counseling, decisions about whether to stay or end a relationship, recovery from affairs, and step-parenting issues common to blended families, among others. Helping couples recognize their strengths, they learn to repair old hurts, rebuild their friendship, and deepen their connection.

I specialize in individuals going through grief or loss, depression, or a difficult transition in life.

A majority of people who have been in therapy report that it helped them. Usually, people credit the quality of the relationship with the therapist as the key reason for their success, followed by the skills and expertise of the therapist and having clear goals. I believe it is critically important to establish a relationship with my clients that inspires both hope and trust. I believe in working collaboratively to develop goals that make sense and can be evaluated regularly during therapy.


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